Salzburg Festival - Monteverdi 450 Trilogy Reviews
© Silvia Lelli

Frankfurter Allgemeine by Jan Brachmann

'To anyone who has been unfamiliar with Monteverdi until now, this trilogy should be heard. It will open up a whole new world.'

'Everything is designed to compliment the music and the extraordinary singing.'

'Lucile Richardot as Penelope will be remembered for a long time for those who experienced this performance. Her alto voice, which reaches deep into the ranges of a tenor, and the vehemence of her dramatic language leave physical traces of memory in every bone.'

Hannoveresche Allgemeine Zeitung by Stefan Arndt 

'Gardiner goes all out with Monteverdi’s operas.'

'The English Baroque Soloists accompany discretely and with razor-sharp detail, as does the staging by Elsa Rooke and Gardiner: an appearing minimal effort ensures maximum expression.'

Bachtrack by Ilana Walder-Biezanz

'The playing of the English Baroque Soloists was both crisp and lush.'

'The most glorious singing of the evening came not from individuals but from the chorus. The Monteverdi Choir and the soloists sang the choruses together with beautifully blended sound and perfectly coordinated cut-offs and crescendos.'