Leipzig: Audio Invasion
Leipziger Volkszeitung by Marc Daniel, 24 November 2014
Monteverdi Choir with the Gewandhaus Orchestra: Audio Invasion at the Gewandhaus, Leipzig

Symphonic meets Electronic

A cool young crowd at the Gewandhaus for an intoxicating mix of Brahms and beat at the seventh Audio Invasion

Before the concert opened in the Gewandhaus Great Hall, Director Andreas Schulz explained to the audience that, in classical music, it was customary to clap only at the end of the piece, not between movements. Next point: Sir John Eliot Gardiner, despite his splendid-sounding name, was not the hero of a computer game, but a world-famous conductor here to celebrate, with his Monteverdi Choir and the Gewandhaus Orchestra, the way that Johannes Brahms’ Deutsches Requiem could even stir the guts of the ignorant. It did take a little time to dawn on this audience that the woman on Gardiner’s left, and the man on his right, were not sitting with their hands in their laps because they had forgotten their instruments, but because they were waiting for their solo entrances as singers. It was a long enough opportunity for Hannah Morrison and Matthias Goerne to study the untypical audience: almost entirely youngsters ranging from baby-faced teenagers to bearded hipsters. They looked 40 years younger than the average Gewandhaus ticket-holder, with a high density of Facebook profiles, hoodies, T-shirts and tattoos. Curious and alert, they gradually grasped what the concert was all about – not a chill-out zone, but a rousing, intensive and emotional experience.

Translation by Nicola Ramsden and Edward Parks.
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